Elba island: from small villages to pacific places surrounded by the sea

This is a guest post. Here is Linnea’s impressions about Elba island.

Elba island's streets

Elba, a real italian idyll. A small island that has a lot to offer; a lovely calm that you can find in small villages, fresh air from the mountains, a wonderful ocean view, beautiful surroundings – both mountains and ocean. There is an atmosphere that really feels genuine.

It felt a bit like being a part of an italian movie while walking through the town on the small streets surrounded by typical italian restaurants and small shops.

The weather prediction said bad weather and rain, but we got very lucky. The rain kept its safe place up in the clouds and moved aside to provide us with several glimpses of the sun. Even though the clouds were a little dark from time to time, it was stunningly beautiful, specially the sea.

Elba island on winter: the sea

To be by the sea, with closed eyes, salty winds and with the smell of ocean that comes against you and all your seances. There are not many thing that can compare to that!

My conclusion is that it seems like a perfect place to spend hot summer days on. At least I would not turn down the offer to have a summer house on Elba. I have to say though, that grey october days on Elba are not that bad either.



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