Fresh air, great sea food and history: this is Elba island

This is from Eric, a friend of mine and owner of Morea Vita. We went in Elba at the end of october 2012 and that’s what he thought about it.

Elba island

Elba! What can be said of this beautiful island? I went there with no expectations and wondering what it was going to be like. Would it be different from Florence? Of course it would, but how so? First of all getting there can be pretty adventurous.

Luckily Ivo was there to be our local guide. If it weren’t for him, think it would take me a couple of days to just get there. A couple trains and a ferry, and were finally arrived. To begin, the air is obviously much fresher. Its a small island yet it offers so much to see. From the forest where the Volterraio can be seen.

To the beautiful cliffs and beaches that can be seen from the old Medici fort. Elba has a little something for everyone. Great sea food that happened to be home cooked, as well as great wine that comes from its very own vineyards. If you’re a history buff, then you have your Napoleonic history here since this was the island that he was exiled to. You can even take a look at the home he lived in if the restoration is ever completed.

Portoferraio Elba island Tuscany

Being fortunate to spend the trip with a local is the best way to experience the island. Not only were we able to see almost the entire island, we eve got to sleep and eat in the home of a family. You just cant get any more authentic than that. One can also understand how busy this island may get with all of the tourism during the summer.

I don’t believe there is a bad view from anywhere along the coast of Elba. Its just beautiful. Churches and restaurants along the coast, great gelato, wonderful people, amazing food, and interesting history sums up this beautiful island in a nutshell. In order to really understand, one must make a trip to see these things with their own eyes. Only then will you truly know.

Thanks Eric 😉



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